lBoston Tea Act

By Beth Siegel

    The Stamp act caused many protests in the colonies. Protest died down after the Parliament passed the Tea Act.  This made the colonist pay a tax on the tea they bought.  The Governor of Massachusetts, Thomas Hutchinson remained persistent that the tea be dropped off in Boston in spite of the boycott formed by the Sons Of Liberty.
    On December 16th.  1773, Thousands of Bostonians and farmers packed in the Old South Meeting house.  Why? To hear Samuel Adams.  He denounced the Governor for not allowing clearance for ships wanting to leave with tea still on board.  After his speech they all headed for the waterfront.  From the crowd 50 people dressed as Indians.  They got on the ships that where docked and threw 90,000 Pounds of tea or 342 chests of tea into the harbor as a revolt against the taxes. The British response brought the colonist closer to independence.


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