Declaration of Independence
The things that led up to the Declaration of independence were the Stamp Act of 1765, the Townsend Acts of 1767, and the Tea Act of 1773. Then the Boston tea party came, and they threw the tea over bored, so the British got mad, and they put the intolerable acts on them, and thats were it ended, the colonist decided to end being with Britain, and they declared there own independence, and wanted to be their own country.
Fifty-six people signed for the declaration. Most people signed on August 2 1776, and the others signed later. Here are the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence&
John Adams (Mass.)
Samuel Adams (Mass.)
Josiah Bartlett (N.H.)
Carter Braxton (Va.)
Charles Carroll (Md.)
Samuel Chase (Md.)
Abraham Clark (N.J.)
George Clymer (Pa.)
William Ellery (R.I.)
William Floyd (N.Y.)
Benjamin Franklin (Pa.)
Elbridge Gerry (Mass.)
Button Gwinnett (Ga.)
Lyman Hall (Ga.)
John Hancock (Mass.)
Benjamin Harrison (Va.)
John Hart (N.J.)
Joseph Hewes (N.C.)
Thomas Heyward, Jr. (S.C.)
William Hooper (N.C.)
Stephen Hopkins (R.I.)
Francis Hopkinson (N.J.)
Samuel Huntington (Conn.)
Thomas Jefferson (Va.)
Francis Lightfoot Lee (Va.)
Richard Henry Lee (Va.)
Francis Lewis (N.Y.)
Philip Livingston (N.Y.)
Thomas Lynch, Jr. (S.C.)
Thomas McKean (Del.)
Arthur Middleton (S.C.)
Lewis Morris (N.Y.)
Robert Morris (Pa.)
John Morton (Pa.)
Thomas Nelson, Jr. (Va.)
William Paca (Md.)
Robert T. Paine (Mass.)
John Penn (N.C.)
George Read (Del.)
Caesar Rodney (Del.)
George Ross (Pa.)
Benjamin Rush (Pa.)
Edward Rutledge (S.C.)
Roger Sherman (Conn.)
James Smith (Pa.)
Richard Stockton (N.J.)
Thomas Stone (Md.)
George Taylor (Pa.)
Matthew Thornton (N.H.)
George Walton (Ga.)
William Whipple (N.H.)
William Williams (Conn.)
James Wilson (Pa.)
John Witherspoon (N.J.)
Oliver Wolcott (Conn.)
George Wythe (Va.)

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The Declaration of Independence was for American colonies to declare their freedom from Britain. They did not want to be ruled under King Gorge III anymore&

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