The Intolerable Acts
(The Coercive Acts)
Jordan Harrelson

    The Intolerable Acts were 5 laws. The laws were approved in 1774. All of the laws except for one were meant for the colonist in Massachusetts. Those four were to penalize the people who threw the tea into the Boston harbor.

The first act was the Boston Act. After the tea that was thrown into the Boston harbor this act closed the harbor until the people who threw it in paid for the tea and shown some reverence toward the British officials.

The second was that any British official that was convinced of murder was to go to England for the trial.
The third was called the Massachusetts Government Act. It allowed town meetings without the permission of the Governors permission. But it excluded the elect officers.
The fourth act had all colonist quarter the British soldiers if needed.

The fifth act was called the Quebec act extended Quebec towards the Ohio River. And granted permission of worship to Roman Catholics.
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