Over the past several weeks, you have been asked to read Louis Lowerys The Giver.  Through out this novel, you have been introduced to a variety of characters and situations that have a large impact on the society Jonas lives in.  Similar to the society in which Jonas is a part of, our society too has a wide range of social issues that are in question.  We hear of these events on the morning or nightly news, read in the newspapers or magazines, and sometimes even hear about them during mass. In this final activity we will be taking a look at a few social issues that have impact our society.



In a small group, you will be taking a look at one of the social issues that are frequently debated in our society.  Over the next few school days you will be researching information to create a presentation to present to the class.  We will have the majority of class time working on this activity but work at home is encouraged! Here is how the next few days of class will look.



Tuesday, April 10th        Find groups. Begin researching with time allowed


Wednesday, April 11th Research the following topics (Day 1 of 3)

1.    What is subject? Be able to define and put into own words.

2.    For what purpose does this sever our society?

3.    What does out society say about issue?

4.    Where does the reader see examples of your issue taking place in The Giver?


Thursday, April 12th        Vocabulary Test- Research if time remains


Friday, April 13th             Research the following topics (Day 2 of 3)

1.       How do people view this social issue?

2.       Why might people be for or against issue?

3.       What are some pros and cons to both sides?

4.       Find court cases or events (current, or past) that have been in the news and helped influence people with issue.


Monday, April 16th          Research following topics (Day 3 of 3)

1.       How does Catholic Church see this issue? Why?

2.       What are some Catholic documents that support churchs view on issue?

3.       Who have been opponents of the church regarding issue?

4.       What are some bible verses that support the Churchs stance on issue?


April 17-20th                       Put together presentation with your group

1.       Develop a presentation to inform class about your given social issue.

2.       Create outline with information used to present to class (must be typed)

3.       Develop display to use when presenting to class. (poster board, construction paper, ect&).Feel free to use pictures to while presenting

4.       Practice presentation with group. MAKE SURE EVERYBODY HAS A PART!