Intolerable/Coercive Acts 1774

    The intolerable acts were 5 laws, the laws were passed in 1774.  another name for the intolerable acts was Coercive acts. 

1)    The first Intolerable act they would close the port because they dumped the tea into the harbor. 2)    The second they let any solder or officer that was convinced of murder to be let lose to go trial in England. 3)    The Massachusetts couldnt have town meeting or meeting with out Britons consent. 4)    Massachusetts had to feed and house the Briton solders.
5)    The fifth act the let everyone have freedom and worship to Roman Catholics.

  John L. Bullion,  Intolerable Acts world book online reference center,, December 8, 2003

The British parliament had a series of acts and they were called, Coercive Acts, or the colonist called it the Intolerable Acts.  They closed the port of Boston and they wouldnt open it until all the colonist paid back the East India tea company, because they dumped the East India tea companys tea.  The royal governor took over Massachusetts because they dumped all the tea into the Harbor.

The new nation had began and it was called United States before it was called the United States they were all called the 13 colonies.

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