Declaration of Independence

   1776 is when the Declaration of independence was signed. Declaration of independence is a document that gives the colonies independence from Britain. July 4th is when the second continental congress accepted the document. This date is celebrated every year in the U.S.
    They wanted to write the declaration to seprate us from britian .The document stated the peoples reason to separate from Britain. In its first paragraphs it said that the people have the right to over throw anyone who disobeys their human rights. It also said the ways the British have disobeyed there human rights.
With in 10 years American leaders challenged British parliament because it said that the British had the right to tax the colonist. The  parliament tried to raise the tax three times  the stamp act (1765) Townshend Act (1767) and the Stamp Act(1773). In 1774 the parliament closed the Boston port because the sons of liberty dumped the tea and stayed closed the port until until the colonies paid the taxes.
September 5,1774 is when the first Continual Congress met for the first time. They talked about that they should be separated from parliament. They also talked about putting laws on the British trade but some people wanted to stay with parliament.
On June 7 1776 is when the 2nd Continual Congress met and decided they should be separated form Britain so they gave the job of making the Declaration of Independence to Thomas Jefferson. He completed it in two weeks but Benjamin Franklin and John Adams made a couple changes. Then finally on July 4, they accepted the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration was signed by John Hancock ( president of the 2nd congress)and Charles Thomas( secretary). Then on July19 56 members signed the paper.
Some of the people were mad, but they didn’t revolt. The outcome was that the colonist were independent from British parliament

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