Results of the Revolutionary War

The end of the war meant that the thirteen colonies were now free of British command.
 The colonies established governments.
 People every where around the world desired political reforms after they had seen what the colonies had done.  

About 7200 Americans died in battle for thier freedom.  There were 8,200 wounded.  10,000 more americans died in military camps, and 8,500 died in British prisons.  There were 1400 americans who were never found.  Only 10,000 British died.
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Even after the American's had defeated the British fighting continued in other areas of America.  After Cornwallis was defeated the British elected a new prime minister and he began Peace Talks with with the Americans.  
The fighting for during the Revolutionary war centered in Virginia.The final battle of the war was in Yorktown.  French and Americans were united in the battle to defeat the British.  The Americans against General Cornwallis.  18,000 French and American Fighters surrounded Cornwallis' army.
The Treaty of Paris was drawn up.  One British representative, Richard Oswald, and three American representatives, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay.  The American representatives signed the treaty.
Cornwallis knew that there was no way that he could win and so he surrendered.  Having defeated Cornwallis they had defeated 1/4 of the British army.  While the soldiers in Cornwallis' army put down their weapons the band played the tune, " Our World Turned Upside Down"
The treaty stated that the Americans were now an independent nation.  It also stated that the Americans now owned all the lands to the Mississippi river, north to Canada, east to the Atlantic ocean and south to Florida.  Finally it said that all British soldiers must return home to Britain.
Stamp Acts
Townshend Act
Intolerable Acts
Declaration of Independence
Boston Tea Party
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