The Revolutionary War ended after the Treaty of Paris was signed.  After the Revolutionary War had ended, a whole new nation had formed.  Its government promised rights like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  But the Americans had to sacrifice and work hard for their freedom.
    It’s estimated that around 7,200 Americans were killed during the war and 8,200 more wounded.  10,000 more died in military camps from disease.  8,500 died as prisoners of the British.  So in total, about 25,700 Americans were killed during the American Revolution.  There were also about 1,400 soldiers missing when the war ended.  Somewhere around 10,000 British soldiers died.
    After the war, many soldiers were broke.  They hadn’t been paid for serving in the military.  Those who had enlisted for the whole war were given certificates for land in the West.  But, a lot of veterans were forced to sell the certificates because they needed the money before they could get the land.  This made a lot of the veterans unhappy and upset.
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    Britain’s economy wasn’t doing well after the war, the King and the Parliament were scared that the country would go bankrupt.  But when they started trading with the United States, they started making more money.

    Of all of the countries that were involved in the American Revolution, France had the most problems paying for their contributions.  It was almost bankrupt by 1788 and its financial problems were part of the reason for the French Revolution that began in1789.

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