Declaration of Indepenedence


    The Declaration of Independence is when the Americans declared their freedom from the British. The second continental congress adopted it on July 4, 1776. It has been celebrated ever since the birthday7fo the United States. The paragraphs stated that the person could change or over throw the government that violates the peoples essentials rights. These ideas spoken the declaration include long inspired the pursuit of freedom and self-government all over the world.
During the 10-year period of the adoption, the Americans leaders kept on challenging the British Parliaments to tax the colonists. The efforts were part of the Stamp Act of 1765, the Townshend Act of 1767, and the Tea Act of 1773.
The Stamp required the people to pay their tax for the stamps they placed on the newspapers, playing cards, diplomas, and legal documents. The colonists resistance forced the Parliament to repeal the act in 1776. The Townshend Act placed the taxes on the imported goods that came in. Then the Colonists reacted and by staying away from the British goods. That hurt the there business. In the year 1730 the parliament had removed the duties of all items but the tea. The Tea Act it made the British tea cheaper than tea the colonists smuggled into the colonies. Then the British the colonists would purchase there tea at the lower price and there acknowledge the British would make them pay the tax. The residents of Boston defied the act by dumping hundreds of pounds of the Britishs tea into the Boston Harbor. The event the colonists made is now known as the Boston Tea Party. In 1774, The Parliament responded to the Boston Tea Party and they adopted laws that closed the port of Boston. That made the British appointed them governor of Massachusetts more power. Then the British officials accused Americans of crimes and they will be sent back to trial.
    On July 2, the congress accepted the Lee resolution. But then the delegates started to debate Jeffersons draft. Then on July 4, the congress then adopted the final part of the Declaration of Independence. John Hancock who was the President of the Second Continental Congress, and Charles Thomson the secretary. The Declaration of Independence was read in front of a large crowd in the State House yard on July 8. The congress ordered the Declaration to be written in a stylish script on parchment on July 19.

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