Revolutionary War
By: Alyssa, Kit, and Kim

Stamp Acts
Declaration of Independence

Townshend Acts
Boston Tea Party
Intolerable Acts
Results of the Revolutionary War

1.) Would your group have gone to war to declare independence from Britain?
We would because having your independence gives you a lot of advantages in life. Such as, freedom to vote for your government. You are allowed to pick your job and you can have as big as a family as you want. If we didn't go to war to declare independence we wouldn't be following the constitution or living the lives we live or have the freedoms we do today. If we didnt go to war we would still be under the British's cruel control.
2.) What were the major points that made your decision?
The colonists were sick of being under the British rule because they were being taxed and different people got certain rights. It wasn't fair. They were also putting new strict laws on the American citizens all the time and that made them ANGRY! :(
3.) Did all group members agree with the decision?
Yes, because we want all the freedoms of our lives today, and we would want it for other poeple to live happy  lives. :)
4.) What are the alternatives to war?
Living under the British Rule and having to do with being taxed and not have the rights that we have today as U.S. citizens. We could move to Canada. Or another alternative would be to sign a peace treaty with Britain. Another alternative would be to make an underground city.

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