Boston Tea Party
by: Kit
Who? King George and Samuel Adams
What? The colonist, were going to have to pay taxes on tea but they didnt want to.
When? December 16 1773

Boston Massachusetts


because the colonist were not happy with the thought of having to pay taxes on tea. The taxes would go to the troops and their food, clothing, weapons, shelter and more. That wasnt right for them to have to pay for the country to send troops over to America.


King George was going to have the colonist pay taxes on the tea, but the colonist didnt want to have to pay taxes on tea. The king said that the British were not going to move the ship with the tea on it until they would pay the taxes on the tea. So the colonist were led by Samuel Adams in the night to go and take the tea out of the crates and they dumped them in the harbor and they called themselves the sons of liberty.

So they wouldnt have to pay taxes on tea, the colonial merchants took tea from the Netherlands. Britains East India company had been the top source of tea for the colonies. In 1773, parliament passed The Tea Act that let only one company sell tea for less. The other companies that were selling tea were going to go bankrupt if they were still selling tea for more than just East India Company.

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