Intolerable acts
By: Amie Mooney
Who started the Intolerable Acts-
The American colonies started the Intolerable Acts
What happened during the Intolerable Acts-
A series of british laws that the american colonies strongly disagreed with
When did the Intolerable Acts begin-
In September 1774
Where did the Intolerable Acts start-
In Boston Massachusetts
Why did the Intolerable Acts start-
It was intended for the punishment of the people in Massachusetts for throwing out all the tea into the boston harbor and also for the people who were against the british rules
How did the Intolerable Acts begin-

Boston port act and that the port closed and would only reopen when the bostonians paid for the tea and showed proper respect for the British authorities, second act Massachusetts Government Act was prohibited town meetings so that the governor could chose and elect officers
Administration of Justice Act was any officers or solders that were arrested or accused of murder could go to England for a fair trial
New Quartering Act was responsible for lodging British troops
Quebec Act- was intended as a punishment


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