Intolerable Acts

Who Colonists
What Series of British laws in response to the colonists empting the tea into the harbor, which the colonists strongly disagreed with
When 1774
Where Massachusetts
How On Dec. 16, 1773, the colonists emptied the tea into the Boston harbor.  The British were angry so they created the Intiolerable Acts.  These Acts were the harshest of all the Acts parliment had passed, that is why they were called the Intolerable Acts.

The British created the Intolerable Acts because they felt that they needed more control over the colonists.  They were really the Coercive Acts but were referred to as the Intolerable Acts because of how unfair they were.  The Acts were supposed to keep the other colonies from opposing the British government, but they did just the opposite.  The Intolerable Acts caused the colonies to unite against Britain. 

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