Stamp Acts
by Jack

Who Grenville, George III, American Colonist
What Stamp Act-taxing the colonist for all of the paper and paper like items
When 1765
Where Great Britain and The Thirteen colonies
How After the Pontiacs rebellion, the British knew they were going to have to find a way to pay for the army stationed in the colonies. Lord Grenville thought of an idea to pay for it. He thought that they should be taxed for the stamps and other paper parchments that the colonists use. They told the Americans that it was just for keeping up the costs with them. The Americans thought it was wrong because it was taxation without representation. They also thought it was wrong because none of the taxes were going to the colonies. The colonist never wanted or did pay the tax, tax officers would come to their houses and the people wouldnt pay the taxes. They would threaten them with words. So the king finally repealed the act, but set up the Intolerable acts.

The British were in debt from protecting the colonist and coming back from the seven years war. The thought that they should be able to tax the colonists since theyre still British. The Americans thought it unconstitutional since it was taxation without representation.

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