Revolutionary War
Jordan, Matt, Tyler
Stamp Acts
Boston Tea Party
Declaration of Independence
Intolerable acts
Townshend acts

Q:Would your group have one to war to declare independence from Britan?
A: Yes, because we wouldn't want to get pushed around. If we wouldnt have gone to war they  would think we are  scared of them. If that happened they would have made us slaves and treated us like crap.

Q: What were the major points that made your decision?
A: The stamp acts  was the last straw . They thought that they could just cheat us out of our money. Another big reason was the townshed acts because they tried to tax our goods.

Q: Did your group members agree with your decision? Explain
A: Yes because we all thought it was unfair.

Q: What are the alternatives to war? Explain
A: Some alternatives to war would get every colonist on a ship and have our best shooters go around and shoot all of the brittish soldiers. Another one would be try to make a peace treaty with britan.


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