Boston Tea Party
By Jordan
Who? American Colonists
What? The Colonists were sick of the raising taxes so they took 342 bags of tea and dumped it into the harbor
Where? December 16, 17773
When? Boston Harbor

The British Parliament had taxes on several things that were brought into the America. All the colonists thought that all these taxes were illegal and would not pay them. The tea was sent t America from East India Company, who was given a Monopoly on its sale. The Colonists were scared of the tea monopoly because they thought that it would put merchants out of business. Also they thought if they paid the tax that they would import more things and they would have to pay more and more. When the tea arrived in Boston the colonists tried to send it back to England but the governor would not allow it. Samuel Adams and 100 other men got on the ships and dumped the tea into the harbor.

Why? A win in the French and Indian war was allot of money for the British so they were deciding if they should tax the Americans to get some of their war money back. Also the Townsend acts, Boston Massacre but the taxes really mad the colonists mad. The colonists refused to pay the taxes so  

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