Revolutionary War

Mackenzie, Lindsay, Morgan
Stamp Act

Boston Tea Party

Townshend Act
Intolerable Acts

Results of the Revoluntinary War

Delaration of Independance

Would your group have gone to war to declare independence from Britan? Explain Yes we would have gone to war becuase our freedom is important to us and we would fight to be free from Britan. We would have also have gone to war if they were treating us that way.
What were the major points that made your desion?(explain- use major points from individual websites) We made or decion because we dont think its fair what they were doing to them, and they shouldnt of had to pay taxes on only the tea, because there wernt taxes on anything else. It wasnt right what they did to the colonists.
Did all group members agree with the desision? Explain Yes we all agreed! Becuase we all think that freedom is a big thing to have, and we wouldnt want it taken way, and  if that happened we would fight to get it back.

What are the alternatives to war?  Explain (why or why not did your group choose an alternative to war

You could have a meeting and nicely discuses it and not have a big fight. Because we knew nothing was going to get done if we choose to do a meeting and we wanted to get something done

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