Revolutionary War
By: Ryan, Erica, and Amanda

Stamp Act
Townshend Acts
Boston Tea Party
Intolerable Acts

Q.  Would your group have gone to war to declare independance from Britan? Explain. A. Yes, because they weren't listening to the colonists, and we tried to be nice about it, but it didn't work, and fighting was the only way out.
Q. What were the major points that made your decision? Explain. A. The taxes were getting out of hand, and the protests and the Boston Tea Party were also getting out of control.
Q. Did all group members agree with the decision? Explain. A. No, because Ryan would have wanted to resolve it peacefully to prevent unnecessary bloodshed. Erica and Amanda wanted to go to war because it seemed as if nothing else would work.
Q. What are the alternatives to war? Explain. A. Negotiations, treaties, pettitions, and compromises. We choose to not use an alternative to war because it seemed it would not be effective.

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