Stamp Acts :

By: Sarah

British Parliament
A tax on deeds, mortgages, liquor licenses, law licenses, playing cards, and almanacs
March 1765
All 13 colonies

   The British king needed money to support his army stationed in America. He figured that since the Americans were causing him all of his expenses, the Americans would pay for it. So He deceided to create some new laws. These laws were called the Stamp Acts.

    Here's how it happened. First, Parliament passed the law without the colonists consent. Then they enforced it. The British soldiers were sent to arrest anyone who didn't follow the laws. They made newspaper owners and publishers buy stamps for their publications. They made people pay extra for things they needed. Most people couldnt afford it.

    The Sons of Liberty didnt like the idea of that. So, they protested the Stamp Acts under the Liberty Tree. Their slogan became No Taxation Without Representation. Then all the colonies began to fight back. The Virginia Assembly declared the Stamp Acts illegal. They passed the Virginia Resolves, which abolished the Stamp Acts. The Massachusetts House of Representatives called to create the Stamp Act Congress, made up of the participating colonies that met in New York in October 1765. There, they decided to resist the Stamp Acts. British Parliament repealed the Acts in 1766.


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