stamp act
by lily

this act is called the stamp act!the people in the stamp act were parlment and the conist and the son of liberty had a big part in will find this out later!
when the stamp act stared in basten in the year 1765
where this all stared in bosten.
why the stamp act happened beacause after the french and indain war the parliment was having money problems. the parliment thoght the best way to get money was to tax the conist. so that is what they did. they tax them on newspaper, playing cards, dipomas,varis league  documents. they want the money to pay for to pay for part of the troops and the other part for briths officals!!


this how it all happen step by step! the stamp act stared in the year 1765. after the french and indian war end the brish were having money problems. so they thought the way to get money was to tax the colnist. that what they did. they tax them on newpaper, diplomas, playing crd and varouis league docments. they wanted this money for part of the troops and other to pay briths offlals. they met in New York to protest the stamp act, and to preapare the a statement. people in other conties would not buy bristh goods! the stamp act made the colinst break into roits.others would smiple not pay the stamp act.the son of liberty even burned a pile of stamps!!!!!!  the stamp act was finally abostied the stamp act in 1766.


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no taxation without representation

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