townshend act


the people incarched of this is the parliment and the colinst.The son and the dauthers of liberty played a part in this as well!this all in 1772
what this bad thing that happened was the TOWNSHEND ACT !!!!!!!!!
why the goverement was mad they got read of the stamp act that a guy by the name of charles townshend came up with the townshend act. the colinist had to be tax on glass, lead,paint, paper, and tea!
where this happened in the town of bosten.

this is how it all happened step by step!!!!!! the parliment was mad about hving to aboished the stamp act. so a guy by the name of charles townshend he came up with a act called the town shend act. the colinst had to pay taxes on glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea. well this mad the colinist grow mader. the goverment actaully thought they had a duty to pay. the break  into roits. the colnist stopped paying for britsh goods.they wanted all the monet to pay for britsh officals. son oof liberty want a boycott to be carried out. the dauther of liberty signed a agreement to not drink tea. then when every was protesting in the street the britsh officals took cannon and fried them. this was called the bosten masscer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this finally end in 1776.


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