Revolutionary War
By: Kate, Rachel, and Lily 
BostenTea Party
By: Kate

Delaration of independence
by: Kate

Stamp Act

Towenshend act

Intolerable act

Results of the Revolutionary War
by: Rachel


1) Yes and no beacause we would have wanted to be free, but war is not always the best way to solve things. The other reason we said yes is because it turned out fine in history, so going to war was the right decision. .

2) The colonies were being treated very unfairly. The Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, and the Townshend Acts were just a few of the unfair laws that were imposed upon the colonists by England. We would not want to live like that without free choices. The Declartion was a big factor in our decision. All the thing leading up to the war played a part too. We were only against war because we think that there was other ways to solve it instead of going to war, but we know that we would have to get our independance somehow. Taxing us is not cool at all!

3) We all said that we wanted freedom but in different ways. Some of us were for war because it turned out okay in the past, and so we should stick with that. Some people thought that it wasn't necessary to get all those people killed, and we should've just worked things out peacefully, but in the end we all agreed that freedom from England was what we wanted most.

4) We think that an alternative to war is to sign an agreement with Britain that would give us our indpenece and say that they could have trade with us, and any other thing. We could negotiate, and we might end up  sacrificing some things but we could make a compromise.

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