Revolutionary War

What revolting treatment caused the war?:
    The most basic way to describe why the colonists rebelled is the famous saying of the time "Taxation without representation is tyranny."  Many new taxes were being enforced on the colonists, in order for England to raise money to pay for it's previous war (French and Indian War/ Seven Years War). This would normally be okay, but the colonists were not allowed any representatives to the British Parliament.

Stamp Act Townshend Acts
Intolerable Acts Declaration of Indepence
Boston Tea Party Results of Revolutionary War

Samantha and Courtneys Opinion-
 We believe that it was a good decision to go to war with Britain. They were imposing heavy taxes on the colonists, but they werent giving the colonists any say in how they would be taxed/how the government will be run.

Joe's Opinion-
    I don't believe it was good decision to revolt at that time- historically speaking...Britain was a growing superpower, with the strongest navy, and one of the strongest military forces. They were excelling in commerce and trade, because of their colonies around the world (Indochina/ Atlatic Islands) . Had the American colonies stayed with Great Britain, they would have become part of the prosperity.  Think of it this way- the colonies were part of England...just like one of our modern states.  The colonies breaking off would be like Alaska deciding it didn't want to be United States. Now it's true they were being taxed without representatives, but the taxes were to pay for the colonies  protection from indians, and the French. Without the protection of the mother country, the colonies (us) would be part of France.....hmmm.

Samatha- Courtney- Joe

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