Intolerable Acts
By: Cade
King George III
Parliament isolated Boston with all of the acts.Parliament passed a new act that set up a government for Quebec, This act is called the Quebec Act.This Act gave Quebec the land west of the Appalachians and north of the Ohio River.The colonists  expressed their feelings in their name of the laws and they called it the Intolerable Acts.The Coercive Acts was to punish people in Massachusetts for their resistance to British Law. It closed down Boston Harbor till the people of Massachusetts paid for the tea. That means Food and other supplies that came by ship was prevented to go to the Harbor.In New England, the laws banned town meetings.The Intolerable Act was that the British to not have control over the American Colonies.The Boston Port Bill was that they closed the Harbor until the tea was paid.The Massachusetts Government Act was to reduce the level of crown colony, have to have permission to hold town meetings, and to have the military government be in charge by General Thomas Gage.The Administration of Justice Act is to protect British officers charged with capital offences, no let them go to England or another colony for trial.All the Acts were the Harshest Acts Parliament passed. With the Closing of the the Harbor it would cost the colony and the American Colonies a lot of money.
Boston, Massachusetts
People were angered by the Quartering Act because some of the people didn’t want Red Coats living in their house. People in Boston said the laws violated their rights as English Citizens
 King George III is losing control of the colonies after the news about the Boston Tea Party

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