Intolerable acts
by Makayla
British Parliament and american colonies made up the intolerable acts they can also be called Coercive Acts. how they came to be the british government responded to some behavior that the colonist had that were in the boston tea party. The Boston Port act was one of the first of the Intolerable acts that closed the cities harbor until they were able to clean up what was left of the destroyed seas. King George the third realized that Britain was losing cantrol of the colonies he declared, “we must master them or totally leave them alone.” the British government responded be passing the Coercive Acts in 1774.
what the intolerable acts is, people would have to clean up the mess that the indians made
when  they dumped the tea into the boston harbor after that the Quebec Act had removed all trade between the ohio and mississippi rivers from possible colonial power and had awarded it to province. the Intolerable Acts was also an attempt to reimpose strict British control over the colonies. This was a time of multiple laws, taxes passed in Britain against the multiple colonies. To enforce these laws the British sent troops to the colonies and punishments were forced out for the colonies after they destroyed many British merchant goods.
where in boston at the boston harbor where people would rebel and be furious.  The Intolerable Acts took place in both Britain and the American colonies.
in the french and indian war of 1754-1763 in spring, On march, 5 1770.
because the people who were involved in the boston tea party were being responded upon by other people that had to clean up the mess of the boston tea party. seas destroyed by pounds and pounds of tea took years to clean it all up and if these people didn't do it no one would of.
how: how this was all done is simple once the people from the boston tea party evacuated people were sent to rebel and clean up what the indians have done.
after the boston tea party people/troops get together and clean up the boston harbor, because of the indians actions after all the disaster happened we were forced to clean their mess.

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