Intolerable Acts

News about the Boston Tea Party reached London King George 3 realized that britain was losing control over all of the colonies. He declared “We must master them or totally leave them alone.” Then after that the British government passed the Coercive Acts in 1774. The law where harsh and the reason they made them so harsh was to punish the people of Massachusetts for their resistance to British law. The colonists express their feeling in their name for their new law  the Intolerable Acts. The Intolerable Acts passage was an attempt to  reimpose strict British control over the colonies. Great Britain was hoping that Massachusetts would separate from all of the other colonies but the oppressive mandates provoked colonial action to oppose the British rules. From the 13 colonies was the that et to contest the acts in Philadelphia on september 5 1774 in the first Continental Congress. All of the acts for the intolerable acts were harsh and they were all passed by parliament.The regulation Acts was aimed at the curtailing revolutionary activities. When the Quartering Act was passed that angered all of the colonist because they didn’t want soldier in their house they especially didn’t want the red coat coming in to their houses.
The Coercive Acts closed down Boston Harbor until the colonists of Massachusetts paid their taxes on all the tea. The Coercive Acts stopped all arrival of food and other supplies because they normally came by ship and even worse the laws took away their rights, for example is banned most of the towns meetings in England. The Coercive Act even made people shelter soldier in their own homes. Parliament planned to isolate Boston with these acts and it backfired the colonists were sending them food and clothing. The colonist tried to say that the coercive Acts violated their rights as being English citizens. These rights ment no standing army in peacetime and no quartering of troops in private homes. Parliament then passed the Quebec Acts were the law set up a government. It gave the area west of the Appalachians and north of the Ohio river. This provision ignored the colonial claims to the area. By Great Britain to France gave up province to Great Britain in the Treaty of Paris in 1763 after influence  in the Quebec Act by French and their civil laws and when they recognized  the legitimacy of the French language and the French allowed Roman Catholics to practice their religion and hold public offices. The colonist of America perceived the spread of Roman Catholicism throughout Quebec’s and the expanded their territory as they thought it was a threat to the colonial stability and unity. When they had to close the Boston Ports that would cost the American colonies a ton of money.
All of the Colonies
How & Why
The Intolerable Acts is a four punitive measures on the American colonies enacted by the British parliament in the spring of 1774 and it was also known as the Coercive Acts. The government of britain was responding to the colonist desire and the colonist also where the one that participated in the Boston Tea Party. Including the Boston Tea Party on December 16 1773 a group of Bostonians went on a british ship and threw 342 chests of tea into the Boston harbor to retaliate against all of the taxes on the tea. In Boston there were citizens that broke the British laws and taxes by protesting and the citizens boycotted british imports and harassing all of the british soldiers. When parliament had the authority to delegate taxation without the colonist representation all of the colonist were enraged by it. Great Britain decided to punish the colonies and they want to punish Massachusetts the most for their seditious actions. The first part the Intolerable Acts was the Boston Port Acts and it closed the the city’s harbor until restitution was made for the destroyed tea. The second part of the act is the Massachusetts Government Act and it canceled the colony’s  documents that were established in 1691. The colony in Massachusetts were reduce in size to crown colony’s and the British military government was  installed under the  authority of Thomas Gage. The third part of the Intolerable Acts is Administration of Justice Act Which allowed the British police of certain colony’s were charged with capital offenses  and brought to trial in Great Britain or any other colony’s. Finally the fourth part of the act is Coercive Act and it was a renewal of the Quartering Act which expired in 1770 and that forced all of the colonist to provide housing for British troops.  An  addition to the Intolerable Acts was the Quebec Act of 1774. This Act removed all of  the territory and fur trading between the Ohio and Mississippi river from possible clonal jurisdiction and awarded it to the province of Quebec.

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