Revolutionary War
By: Kyle, Curtis, Josh, and Quinn

Stamp Act By Quinn

Declaration of Independence By Quinn

Townshend Act By Curtis

Intolerable Acts By Curtis

Boston Tea Party By Kyle

Townshend Act By Kyle

Results of the War By Josh

Declaration of Independence By Josh

Would your group have gone to war to declare independence from Britain? Yes we would because Great Britain tried taking over and put unjust taxes on us. They were trying to pawn off the cost of everything onto us. Britain tried using the monopoly on tea tax because they were having severe finacial problems caused by war. Then they tried to put a tax on all of the stamps and we had to pay more to send a simple letter or document to a friend or realative.
What were the major points that made your decision? Great Britain put taxes on almost all of our items. Including stamps, documents, pamphlets, and almanacs and that made us pay extra to send a letter or an almanac to a book store. We did not want Great Britain to rule over us and we wanted to be able to do what we wanted and to be a free country.
Did all group members agree with this desicion? Yes we all did. We all like to be free and we are proud to be Americans.
What are the alternatives to war? We could've signed a petition or we could of started protests and cut off all ties with Great Britain. We could've done more tactical damage to their boats and bases in the colonies. We could have also sent them an ultimatum.

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