The Revolutionary War
What "revolting" treatment caused the revolution?
Would you have declared war?

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Let's explore the who, what, when, where, how and why that brought about the American Revolution. Was the treatment of the colonies truly "revolting" enough to bring about a war? What were the causes for some of the major acts and laws that were brought upon the colonies? Did all of the colonists agree to revolt? Who were the participants in the revolution? Who were the leaders for the British and the colonies? How did the colonists react to some of the Acts and Laws that were passed and enforced?

british troops

The Task

The members of your group will gather information on the topics assigned in the "Process." You will use this information to make comparisons, determine causes and effects, and gain insights. Each group member will focus on two particular areas, and create one webpage for each of their assigned topics. The group will then add each individual webpage to the final group project. As a final project your group will produce a 7 page website and oral presentation to showcase the combined details of your research on the Revolutionary War.


Soldier loading his musket

Introduction | The Task | Resources | The Process | Learning Advice | Evaluation | Conclusion


british troops

saratoga battle       


British Troops land in Boston
October 7, 1768


Re-enactment of 1777
Battle of Saratoga


Boston Massacre
March 5, 1770

Introduction | The Task | Resources | The Process | Learning Advice | Evaluation | Conclusion

The Process

  1. Design a webpage describing the following TOPICS:
  2. The class will be divided into small groups of 3 for this activity. Each member of the group will be assigned 2 TOPICS to research.  
  3. Each group member will do research on your topic and design a webpage detailing your assigned topic.
  4. The following should be included in your "webpage:"


**After individual webpages are complete, students will meet with their group members to put their webpages together into a 7 page website.

**They will each show their individual webpages and discuss what happened, what action Britain took, and what reaction the colonists had.

**Then the group will discuss whether or not they would go to war!

Remember these Points

On your index page answer:

  1. Would your group have gone to war to declare independence from Britain? Explain
  2. What were the major points that made your decision? (Explain - Use major points from individual websites)
  3. Did all group members agree with the decision? Explain
  4. What are the alternatives to war? Explain (why or why not did your group choose an alternative to war)

Index page must include

Learning Advice

Your sources of information will be on the INTERNET. Start with the sites listed in the "Resources" section. You will be required to have 3 sources for each of your webpages. Be sure to write down the information to cite each source as you use it. On the bottom of each page you must list the sources for your webpage (using MLA formatting). We will use a Word document to take our notes from our sources. Remember NO copying and pasting from our sources. - You must take notes in your own words!

Introduction | The Task | Resources | The Process | Learning Advice | Evaluation | Conclusion


Each student will receive an individual grade and a group grade.

Each group will present their index page together (each answering at least 1 of the questions). Then each group member will follow the link to their 2 webpages and present their 2 webpages to the class.

Individual grade: Quality and content of the 2 webpages the student created

Group grade: The index page, the quality and content of the 4 questions answered, the workings of the website (all webpages are linked correctly, all images and backgrounds worked, all links worked correctly)

excellent soldier
Well done and complete
(musket fully loaded)

good soldier
Almost there
(musket not quite loaded)

satisfactory soldier
Work in progress
(in the process of loading)

unsatisfactory soldier
Not Yet
(getting started)
Website is set up correctly. All webpages and images folder contained in the website folder. All 7 webpages complete and well done. All questions on the homepage are answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. Explanations are complete and well done. All webpages are in the website folder. Some images are not in the correct folder. All questions on the homepage are answered. Explanations are complete. 5 pages are included. 2 or more webpages are unfinished. All questions on the homepage are answered, but lacking detail and explanation. 3-4 unfinished pages or less than 5 total pages in the website. Not all questions on the homepage are answered.
Font, background and style of webpages is attractive and easy to read. All information is presented in an attractive way. Be creative and add some extra pizazz. Almost all font and background is easy to read. Pages are attractive to the eye. More than half of the font and background are done well, while the other half is not done so well. Some pages may be hard to read. Most of the pages are hard to read. Work with font color, size and background color.
Each page details the causes of the topic, the conduct of the participants, the individuals and/or groups involved, and the dates the topic occurred. Be thorough with your information. Include who was involved, what happened, when it took place (dates), where it took place, how it happened, and why it happened (what were the causes). Each page details the causes, conduct, individuals, and dates for their topic, but the information is not complete. More information needed. Information about who, what, when, where, how and why are not complete One or more of  the causes, conduct, individuals, and dates is missing. 1-2 pages with missing information  (who, what, when, where, how and why) or not enough information included to be complete. 2-4 pages with imcomplete information. Be sure to include the cause, conduct, individuals and dates (who, what, when, where, how, and why).
All webpages are linked back to the homepage. All links work during oral presentation to the class. Content specific clipart is included and placed well on the page. All clipart is stored and linked correctly, so that all clipart shows for oral presentation.(Save your page before you link or add clipart) All webpages are linked but 1-2 links do not work. Most of the clipart works well and enhances the information on the webpage. A few clipart images fail. (link or clipart was added before page was saved) About half of the links an work. About half of the clipart works. 3 or more pages have no clipart at all. Some pages may not have been linked to the homepage. (Save before you link!) Most of the links do not work or have not been linked to the homepage. Most of the pages have no clipart .
Each webpage has a section at the bottom that cites the sources used for the information and images used on the webpage. Citations are done correctly. All webpages have citations, but some are incomplete or not correctly cited. 2 to 3 webpages have citations missing or incorrectly done. More than half of the webpages do not have sources cited.
Website oral presentation is well done. Each webpage creator presents his/her webpage. Show an interest and enthusiasm for your topic. Use eye contact and speak loudly and clearly. Website presentation is sometimes hard to hear. Each group member does not present his/her page. Be enthusiastic and speak loudly and clearly. Presenters do not show enthusiasm or speak clearly. All members do not take part in the presentation. Presentation is hard to hear and understand. Not everyone participates.
Group works well together, members help one another, each individual is responsible for a single webpage while the group sees to the website look as a whole. Individuals all get their webpages done, but the group has a hard time cooperating to get it put together well. Each group member should take an active role. Some indiviuals do not get their work to the group on time and hold up the website progress. Group members have a hard time cooperating to get it done. (arguing, not participating, etc.) Group stuggles to work together to get things done. Work does not get done. Stay on task. Do your part and cooperate.

Introduction | The Task | Resources | The Process | Learning Advice | Evaluation | Conclusion


There are several benefits that you will achieve from this Activity.

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