Come and see our newly remodeled Media Center!!

All of the AR tests that we have available to the students are on a list in the library or you can now go to :
zip code: 52405
click on LaSalle Media Center

Here you will find the list of all of the AR tests we have available. Feel free to check the list any time.

Holy Family School
Media Center

1. All materials must be checked out before you take them from the Media Center. The librarian will check your books out for you.
You may check out up to 3 books for a period of 2 weeks.

2. You may renew your books by bringing them to the Media Center and having them rechecked out.
If you have an overdue book, you cannot check out until it is returned or renewed.
If a book you checked out is lost or damaged, you are responsible for the replacement cost of the book.

3. If a book is damaged while you have it checked out, do not try to fix it yourself. Return it to the librarian, so she can decide if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

4. Return library books to the designated area in the office before 9:00 am. All books will be checked in after 9:00 am. Anything that has not been returned and is due that day will be added to the overdue list.

5. Overdue love notes will be sent home on Fridays. These notes tell you we'd LOVE to see the overdue books back in the Media Center so that others have the chance to check them out.

6. Remember: The Media Center is a quiet space. Please show consideration and respect for students trying to study and do research. Keep your voices at a whisper.

Adopt-A-Book Program

The media Centers are continuing to sponsor the Adopt-A-Book program at all the Holy Family Schools. This program offers an additional way to add current up-to-date books to our collections as well as provides parents, grandparents, staff and others interested in providing quality books for students to give a "lasting" gift to the school.It is an opportunity for families to expand the enjoyment and learning potential for all students in the Holy Family System.

Adopting a book 0r set of books is a way to honor a teacher or staff member, remember a student's birthday or other special day, or leave a memorial for a deceased loved one. A special dedication bookplate will be placed in each book to remind others of your generous gift.

Some people have a favorite book they would like to see in the library. Others would like to have a specific book ordered, and still others choose to adopt a book whever the greatest need is. All books are valuable assets to our collections.

Your student will be the first to check out any book you donate. The average cost of a hardcover book is from $12.00 to $20.00. Non-fiction is usually more costly than fiction.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.