Guidance Bulletin

August 2001

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to a brand new school year! The schools will be sending out a newsletter each month from the counseling department. These will be coordinated with the age of your child. Enjoy the readings and look for the fun activities to do with your child.

Classroom News:
This year I will be in all the buildings.
Monday: St. Ludmila
Tuesday: St. Patrick
Wednesday: Office Day(St. Ludmila)
Thursday: St. Jude
Friday: LaSalle
For ease call Jenet Wilkie (the secretary at St. Ludmila - 362-1943)
and she will get a message to me and I will call you back.
Feel free to contact me anytime!

Classroom activities will depend on need and/or topics being covered. Respect is what I will begin with.

K-2 grades will be working in a program call I Can Problem Solve.

Grades 3-5 will be working in the program Wise Quotes. Look for quotes that the students have work sheets to work on with you!

Middle School: Classroom guidance is done during Talk Soup.

In all Schools: I will be working with students during lunch. These meetings range from 1-2 students to a half a classroom. They can run from one meeting to a session of 4-8 weeks on a single topic or just for me to get to know the students. Students may ask to be a part of a group. Parents, teachers, and administrators may refer students. When I work with a group on a single topic for 4-8 weeks I will need parent permission.

Our goals are:

  • Students will gain important life skills which will help them succeed in school
  • Students will grow in responsibility towards others and their community and will see the value of becoming responsible citizens of our society.

Barb Officer
Guidance Counselor


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