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 Parent Association

15-16 Calendar of Events

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Welcome Members
Welcome to the Holy Family Parent Association. If you are a parent or guardian of a child attending one of our three centers, you are already a member of the parent association. Some benefits you will receive from being an active member include:

  • The opportunity to become personally involved with your child's education.
  • To be better acquainted with the staff, teachers, and other parents, and a chance to make new friends.
  • The realization that as a parent you can and do make a difference.
  • To become aware of the educational programs and extra-curricular activities offered at school.
  • To realize the efforts taken to better the education of your child.

Association Goals
We strive to promote the welfare of our children in all areas of their lives including home, school and community. We aim to provide support for everyone involved at Holy Family Schools. We work on building closer relationships between students, teachers, parents, office staff, custodians, and paraprofessionals. We cannot do this without you.

Parent Association Meetings
There will be general meetings planned throughout the school year, rotating between each of the three buildings of Holy Family School.

Ways to Participate
Here are four easy ways to lend your support:

  • As an officer or center representative. All are elected by the Parent Association.
  • As a chairperson of a committee or as a committee member.
  • As a volunteer at any event - just ask.
  • As a volunteer at home, such as phone calling, baking, or donating materials.

Our Commitments
Holy Family Parent Association is committed to and involved with the following:

  • Staff Recognition & Support
    Each month we recognize our staff in a special way to show our support and appreciation. Some past examples of these are: Staff Appreciation Day; giving SCRIP as gifts during the holidays; providing pizza and other luncheons during open houses; giving teachers a classroom allowance to offset personal expenses for our children (bulletin board materials, stickers, etc.).
  • Fund Raisers
    SCRIP is a fund-raising program where families order gift certificates for local and national retailers and restaurants at face value. The school then purchases the gift certificates at a discount. The difference in price is split 50/50 between the school and each family who participates, based on their order. Each family's profit goes toward their school tuition cost.

    Our magazine and candy sales top the list for our fund raisers The money raised during these events goes toward the educational extras not normally available through the regular school budget for our children. Past fund raisers have provided item such as televisions, video cassettes recorders, computers, printers, software, risers, overhead projectors, PA systems for concerts, library materials, tables and chairs for various classrooms, and playground equipment. We welcome your ideas and input regarding new fund raisers.
  • Social Events
    We sponsor several social events throughout the year at all three centers. These give our school community a great chance to build closer relationships between parents, teachers, and students. These activities are an opportunity to get together and have FUN. See our calendar for a complete list and dates.
  • Educational Programs
    With funds that the Parent Association has raised, our schools have been able to begin programs such as the FOSS Science program, programs for assembly, music, sacramental, and staff development, and currently our new Math Series program.

Get involved! It's the best thing you'll do all year.


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