$CRIP Ideas

Thanks to everyone who shared their super ideas for using our $CRIP Program. Maybe youll find another reason to use $CRIP with the ideas below!

Tuition incentive

To help support the school and to help save money on tuition; for Christmas gifts and birthday gifts.

I like scrip for a number of reasons, but one is that it is great when giving to my teenagers. You know what it will be used for and you don't have to worry about getting your change back.

I use Scrip - - - -
- - - to encourage myself and my daughter to eat more healthy (I work full time and sometimes can't cook so I get the certificates to places where the best menu items are the salads and fish)
- - - - to have "money" to go out to eat with my co-workers at our Friday lunch outings.(Sometimes I am short cash, but I always have a supply of eatery certificates on hand)
- - - -to be sure my husband who drives a truck can pick up something besides fuel-stop junk food. He often has expenses on the road which sap his cash reserves, but with a supply of SubWay certificates, he can at least be sure of a decent meal.
- - - my daughter has always been very disorganized. I place the responsibility on her for turning in the order and bringing it back home. Combined with other tasks, she is slowly improving in that department.
- - - as may be evident by now, we do not rely on credit cards. So when I need supplies from someplace like Theisen's, I have money, even if my cash is low.
- - - and the icing on the cake for all the above is of course the tuition discount.

Scrip not only is great for a little bit of discount with Holy Family next year but the overall advantage of having a cash card for gas, Menards, or other vendor that provides a cash card/gift certificate to validate your transaction when you use the scrip dollars.

I use Scrip for myself-
** no money is lost on my part by using it
**i give it as gifts
**main reason is to reduse my kids tutition.
**i have people at my work purchasing it from me to help with titution & they are losing NOTHING from buying it.
**great way to help the school
**makes you shop around for the lowest price- that accepts scrip
** It's easy

Evening out to dinner.
Saves time on getting gift certificates for people.
Tuition reimbursement
ease of use
forces one to be organized
great gifts

Scrip is a very convenient way for me to shop for gifts. Since I usually give gift cards as holiday or birthday gifts, I just order them through scripts. It save me time during the week from having to go to
the store to buy the card.

Christmas gifts - We almost always give our nieces and nephews gift cards for birthdays and Christmas as they are getting at a hard age to buy for. So I'm getting them through Scrip this year. Places like Claire's Boutique and Barnes and Noble are always a hit with the 10-12 year olds on our list!
We are building a new house, so we've been using a lot of scrip from places like Menards, Home Depot, Theisens, etc. When I know we'll be needing some work boots, gloves, jackets, etc., I get
scrip from Theisens.
The Citgo gas cards come in handy. It is prepaid and we know how much - or about how much - we are spending on gas each month by using the cards.
Gift cards to places like Applebees as Thank you's for a job well done for some of the workers who have gone "above and beyond" on our building project!

I use Scrip for Christmas and b'day gifts for my teen-aged nieces and sons. I have also used it for teacher gifts at Christmas. Thank-yous would also work. My sons have had teachers use gift cards as incentives (Burger King or DQ or McD's bucks).

More convenient to give older child a gas card rather than cash. Same goes for grocery cards. Can aid in budgeting. Can build up for a bigger purchase if need be. Cuts down on credit card bills if you are disciplined. Good gift ideas. Tuition reduction, obviously. Also good for the school.
I would think it helps build up good rapport with a business when it comes time to ask for donations if their scrip program is widely used as well.
I can write one check to Holy Family and then not have to write all the others since I have their scrip. Saves entry time in the checkbook.

We just use it mainly to help out the school and for tuition help. It's also really convenient for birthday presents for older kids.(gift cards for presents)

The two main reasons to use script are as follows:
1) We frequent many of the establishments any way so what better way to help out the school with the extra funds.
2) With 4 children in the school system it is a good way to help defray the tuition expense.

It helps me budget my groceries, gas, and entertainment money that I spend. Great gift ideas.

Good idea to do this :-)
Great to keep on hand for unexpected birthday presents e.g. Toys R 'Us. Helps budgeting how much and where you will spend money and you are helping pay yourself/family member &/or school when making purchases, especially with Christmas spending.

I can write one check to Holy Family and then not have to write all the others since I have their scrip. Saves entry time in the checkbook.


to buy gas at the pump when it is cold instead of using credit card, gifts for others, tuition reimbursement for my nephew, to help the schoo
About the scrip, I like the idea of using it as a "Random Act of Kindness" to others in need (i.e. for friends or family who may be going through a difficult time because of illness). It is also nice to do these random acts for others who least expect it and for others in need.

Great fund raiser for school, with no out of pocket expense; gift certificates for gift giving allows local and national businesses the opportunity to give locally to education

One reason I use scrip is when I purchase certificates for holiday gifts, it's nice to have someone else picking them up instead of me! I know it sounds selfish, but one less thing I have to do during the busy holidays is a plus.

I use scrip for tuition reimbursement and for gifts (the ease or ordering)  

Part of the money spent on scrip comes back as money applied to tuition or reimbursed. For groceries and gas it's easy to use and people can use less personal checks. It's great for gift certificates for occasions all year - birthdays, Christmas, etc. The money generated helps buy things the school needs.

They make great gifts through out the year. They don't cost you any extra money. They help the school.

I use scrip fr gifts and personal use.

Tuition reimbursement!!!! yeah Profit for the Holy Family. FREE Money!!!! The ease of having a gift card to use and not worrying about checks/debit cards . To give for gifts not just for holidays, but thank you, great gift cards for teens for gas, food etc, this way you know they can get gas, or something to eat, and not blow the whole $20 you might have given them in cash.  The small increments that the GC come in are nice to hand out to people. I think when you use a gift card or certificate that it does not seem like you are using your money for it, it feels more like a gift.  

Gift giving couldn't be easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO returns or exchanges and the shopping is done for ya!!!

We love Scrips! It's a way for us to "pre-purchase" items that we would buy anyway and help out our tuition bill for next year. We also encourage the grandparents to use Scrips- it's a great way for them to help out on tuition, also.

1) the obvious, $ off of tuition and plus the school gets $ too!
2) I keep on hand for "impromptu" gifts!

1) $crip makes gift-giving so much easier! Many of our nieces and nephews are in their teens and it can be hard to buy for them at times, because you're not sure if you'll pick out something that they will like.
2) Even younger children love the experience of receiving a gift card, because they can decide exactly how they want to spend it. (It does, however, require patience on the part of the adult who is supervising the shopping. These buying decisions are very hard to make, so they take time!)
3) The ability to be able to order $crip from national retailers (ones that we may not have around here), makes it easier to order for family members who live far away.
4) As a family we feel less guilty about eating out when we're able to pay using $crip, because we know we're helping the school and saving for next year's tuition. In fact, before deciding where to go, we always check to see what kind of $crip we have available!
5) The use of $crip fits in with the Catholic concepts of stewardship and discipleship. A small investment of time (planning what to order)benefits the school, by providing programs and items that we might not otherwise be able to enjoy. It's a kind of tithing - a unique way of sharing our time
and treasure.


Obvious reason for using $crip is money off of tuition. Also, it has been handy for birthdays or other events to get $crip/gift certificates without having to run around town to purchase them.

We spend the money for groceries anyway, so why not help the school at the
same timel. Gift certificates make great Birthday and Christmas gifts.

On your last check? Never fear, you purchased Scrip!!! It's a Win-Win-Win! You win-tuition deduction, the business wins-pr points, and the school wins-split of profits. Easy stocking stuffers for family!

1. It is an easy way to Help Our School
2. They can give it as gifts- it doesn't look any different than gift certificates or cards
3. They get back some money for school tuition
4. They can do it, support the school, and not loose any money . This allows some people who might not be able to donate money otherwise help out our school.

I write less checks and use my debit card less. Makes balancing my checkbook much easier. Ive stopped using my gas credit card, so I have eliminated paying one bill per month.

Christmas presents, thank you's. I like to have the cards with me to use when we are out.

We mainly use scrip for family Christmas gifts, Dan's employee gifts, going out to eat, grocery store, major purchases.

The primary reason we use the script program every week is simple: It helps us save money on our childrens tuition and raises money for the Holy Family School system. It is easy to use and for the most part, it is money we spend on a regular basis with the participating merchants anyway. It just makes sense to take advantage of a great opportunity for us and the school.

We are just trying scrip for the first time this year.  So far I use it just to budget for Christmas or extras.  I would say buying scrip can help you get more organized on your spending.  Now let's just see if that works for me.

The reason I use $crip is that without it I could not financial pay for my three children to go to Catholic School. I also have a child in College right now. Being a single parent with no support for the Catholic Education, I have bought $crip for the last however many years.
You have to buy gas, grocieries everyweek, why not help out the school system and yourself. We don't buy anything without $crip at our house. My children are very aware of the program and know if we don't use it, they would not be in Catholic School. I try to plan ahead for a couple of weeks. This way if there is practice or games I can buy Wendy's, Burger King, Pizza Hut, ect. It really pays to use the $crip when available. We have saved enough in the last two years to pay at least one child's tution.. If you basically live by using the coupons, you can do it.
With Christmas coming I try to buy $crip to make all my purchases for gifts. I even just give certificates too! I am going to spend the money anyway why not help the school system and myself out!
Also, I really don't think people get the concept that you write out the check for exactly what you recieve. That the difference is taken off by the bookkeeper.

I use scrip mainly for gas & groceries. Then I give a bunch out as christmas presents!!

The one thing I do with scrip is to pay off credit card bills. That way I know exactly how much I need.

It feels great helping my school...It takes a little planning ahead but it is worth it! An easy, no cost way to raise money for our school. Sometimes I forget I bought a certain gift card and I find it weeks later and I splurge and buy myself something!!!

1. It helps with tutition.
2. Great gifts or just nice to keep in your purse for "extra cash"
3. Don't have to drive to each place for gift cards, one stop shopping.
4. Helps the school

1.)  Having your groceries paid for before you go and buy them. 2.)  Having a credit on your tuition account. 3.)  It's so easy to order and get script. 4.)  Gift giving made easy!

1) Helps reduce tuition 2) Great gift ideas 3) Easy to use

I use it to send to my college student....when I send the HyVee card and Citgo cards...I know he is using the $$ wisely!










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