1. Students are not to arrive before 8:00 a.m. unless they have indicated a need to do so. If they are in band/choir, they will enter the building when their supervisor arrives. Students will be allowed to wait in the commons area until 8:25 when they may enter the locker areas.

2. Students need to be seated quietly in homeroom by 8:33. They will be considered late, if this is not the case. A warning bell will sound at 8:30, giving them 3 minutes to get where they need to be. Daily announcements and prayer will begin promptly at 8:35.

3. Books and other materials need to be stored inside assigned lockers. Band instruments need to be kept in the band room. Sports equipment that will not fit into the lockers will be stored in the wrestling room. Lockers must be kept clean so that locker doors can shut at all times. Students may not enter any locker but their own. Students are advised to label all personal property and not bring valuables to school. Only magnets may be used in lockers.

4. Hallways are to remain free of personal items, clutter and other obstacles. Please pick up any trash that you see (good stewardship).

5. Students are to have their agendas with them during class. They should use their agendas to record daily activities, assignments, and projects in all classes. If a student has forgotten the agenda at home, a replacement agenda must be obtained and used as a record. Parents will be notified if a replacement agenda is needed for more than 3 days; if an agenda is lost, a new one must be purchased at the cost of $5.00.

6. Students must obtain permission to leave a classroom during class time from the instructor. They must take the signed agenda with them. If a student needs to go somewhere other than their next class, permission must be obtained from the next teacher.

7. Good behavior is expected by students

  • For dress code violations - violation slips will be issued
  • For less serious infractions - demerits will be issued (3 demerits earn a detention)
  • For serious infractions - detentions will be issued and served at the discretion of the teacher or administrator. (3 detentions will result in a required Saturday morning school detention)

8. Students are to walk quickly and quietly to safe areas following their teacher during all fire/tornado/lock down drills or actual emergencies. NO talking is permitted as good listening is imperative to following the directions and receiving information.

9. Students may purchase items in the vending machine AFTER school only! Candy, other snacks, and pop may not be consumed during school hours unless teacher permission is granted. Cans and bottles should be sorted into proper containers and all trash disposed of properly.

10. Telephone calls from the office will be permitted only in extremely limited situations. Cellular telephones and other electronic devices, as well as personal laptops, are not to be seen or used during school. Such valuables and other items may be dropped off at the office for safekeeping. Any electronic devices not in a student locker or placed in the school office will be confiscated.

11. Students on field trips, at athletic events, and attending school-sponsored events are to be mindful of the image they portray. We want our students to reflect Catholic Christian values at all times.

12. On liturgy and prayer service days, students are to proceed to assembly areas in a quiet and orderly fashion with their teachers. They are to serve as role models for younger students by participating fully in music and prayer.

13. Students must have a free reading book at all times.

14. Students are expected to place academics as the highest priority. If a student has to unsatisfactory grades, the student and parents will be notified. The students will have two weeks to get passing grades. If the grades are still not 70% or above, the student will be suspended from participating in extra curricular activities. The student may continue to practice but is unable to participate in any games, musicals, speech contests, and so on.

15. Student behavior on the school buses will be treated as an in-school event. Any disciplinary action will be treated as any school problem with demerits up to suspension from bus privileges.

Each teacher will have individual classroom expectations.



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