Cedar Rapids Area
Catholic Education System
Metropolitan Office of Catholic Education
516 A Avenue N.W.
P.O. Box 2307
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-2307

Regional Director of Educational Services:
Jean Marie Brady, BVM

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Area School Districts Report Cards

In January the Cedar Rapids and Marion area school districts presented a report card to display student achievement in each district. The Report Card is intended to provide a picture of the districts and show growth from year to year. Click HERE to view the second annual report. You can zoom in to increase the size once the file is open.

If you do not have Adobe Acrobat reader click on the link below to download a free copy from Adobe.com

Our Mission

The mission of the Catholic School system of Cedar Rapids/Marion is to provide all students with a Christ-centered education that is future-oriented, grounded in educational excellence and fosters a sense of community true to the traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church.

Our Best Investment in Tomorrow:

Through systematic instruction in the Catholic faith, the Christian message is communicated and commitment to Christ and His values is fostered. Teachers in the Catholic school have the opportunity to present a complete picture of the human person with both a spiritual and physical nature. Students are taught to look not only at traditional values and events but also to look critically at issues and events in the light of Gospel values. Daily personal prayer and community worship strengthen the commitment to serve one's neighbors and to become aware of the fact that this extends beyond the school and parish community.

Today's child will live in a world with the need for technological expertise and with great competition in the work place. Statistics and surveys attest to the fact that students in Catholic school systems are not only on a par with students in other educational systems but in many instances surpass them. Our boast, however, is the fact that we can offer something above and beyond what other schools are permitted to offer: namely, that of religious instruction. We can truly be proud of the fact that we can teach the whole child not only in the academic area but also in the spiritual realm. Today's youth are truly worth the investment of quality Catholic Education.

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