Answer the following questions on a seperate piece of paper using a pen or pencil and the sites listed on the Resources and Links page

1) What items are traditionally placed on an ofrenda or altar to represent a loved one who has passed away?

2) What do people of the Spanish culture believe will happen to a person’s soul after him or her have passed away? 

3) Traditionally, what kind of flower is placed on the graves and what is the story behind this special flower?

4) When is the Day of the Dead celebrated?

5) How long have these rituals been celebrated and in which cultures were they practiced?

6) What are five foods that are usually placed on the altars? 

7) Why is the day of the dead tradition so important to the Spanish culture?

8) Is the day of the Dead the same thing as Halloween?

9) What are some of the celebrations that occur in cemeteries? 

10) Why are sugar skulls placed on the altar and what do they represent?