Again, your task is to create a poster board of the 8 planets and our sun.  Provide information on 5 topics (see Task) and include a drawn picture.

Here is a chart describing how you will be graded on your project.

Category 1 2 3 4
Content No Content or 1 topic per planet Some Content: 2-3 topics per planet 4 Topics per planet All topics needed: 5
(or more)
Organization Can't tell where planets are on poster Not organized how instructed to do so Organized Correctly Very organized and easy to read
Effort Sloppy, done in haste Sloppy but took some thought Took some thought, Looks neat Took lots of time and thought.
Creativity Planets are printed pictures, not drawn Drawn pictures, not colorful Colorful, drawn pictures Colorful, drawn pictures, realistic

We hope you learned at least a little more about our solar system by doing this project.  Thank you for participating.  We hope you enjoyed it!

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