In order to find the information you will need, you can visit the Resources page.  Here you will find links to other websites.

You may also visit the individual planets and sun pages, which will provide you with a bit of information.  There is information on 3 topics, but it is NOT ENOUGH FOR YOUR POSTER, so please, find some more.


Once you find adequate information on the planets and the sun, you will need a poster board.

Divide the board into 9 sections, in a 3 by 3 grid style:

Sun Mercury Venus
Earth Mars Jupiter
Saturn Uranus Neptune

Include 4 topics (from the list on Task) and a picture of the planet (preferably drawn).

If you do not have enough room on the poster board, you may include your information on note cards.

*If you are also doing Pluto, you will need a plain sheet of white paper on which to draw a picture and include information.

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