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      Now that you have chosen a dinosaur to research you must share the information about that dinosaur with other people. To show this knowledge you must create an informative broshure of this dinosaur, like the one below.  Information you should include on this brochure can be found HERE.

Links to get you started can be found HERE.

Your broshure should look something like this:

As I went back in
time, I saw many
different and
unique dinosaurs,
but the coolest
was the Stegosaurus.
(Pictured Below)
The word Stegosaurus
means, "Covered
Basic Facts
  • plant eater
  • small head w/ tiny brain
  • large triangular plates
  • heavy, spiked tail
  • 26-30 feet long
  • 9 feet tall
  • 6,800 pounds

  • herbivore
  • ferns
  • mosses
  • cycads
  • horsetails
  • Allosaurus
  • Ceratosaurus
  • Marshosaurus
  • Torvosaurus
  • brain size of walnut
  • relitively low intelligence
Dinosaur Intelligence Chart:

Created by Alyssa Schuster, Elise Henderson, and Kate Steingreaber