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    First you will need to lay out your materials
    Than you will need to cut your cardboard (of many colors) in different shapes.
    Than color your cardboard to make it look like trees or bushes, and water
    Than color your army men, have some red and some blue
    Than on your basic cardboard draw three cites one at one end one in the middle and one at the other end
    Than title the ones on the end Boston and Concord, and the one in the middle Lexington.
    Than with your green paper make a road going for Boston to Concord
    Than glue your cardboard of many colors around the road, and around your citys
    Than with your colors make Concord explosive and bloody
    Than makc sure you glue everything down
    Than place your people in on the map, most of the red coats on the road and the blue coats in the grassy trees
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