Dia de Los Muertos
Day of the Dead


Are you ready to learn more about Mexico?

You will be making sugar skulls today as your project. Sugar skulls are sweet and you can decorate them anyway you want to. If the directions say green eyes, go ahead and make blue eyes. You can make these in your spanish class, at home, or even at a friend's house.
During this project we want you to be creative and have fun.

While making sugar skulls you will be making eyes, noses, mouths, and hair. You can color them and decorte them any way you want to. This project may seem difficult at first but by the end you will have a rewarding treat. Sugar skulls are very sweet an the perfect treat for any event.

This project will take time. So, don't rush this activity. We wish you the best in make your sugar skulls. We hope you have fun and feel free to visit our other links as well. This webquest was made my Jenny Murtha, Sophie Lammers, and Sara Petersen. Thank you.