Slavery Project - Make A Skit

Make A Skit:
Your project is to make a skit that portrays the life of a slave(s).  Your skit could include: the modern life of a slave, slave life on a plantation in America, or life as a slave in other countries around the world.

Possible People to Include:                                                               

Slave Master/Family
Other Slaves

Possible Activities to Include:
Slaves at work
Slaves at home/after working
Slaves being traded

Some possible sources for you to use are located on the Sources page.

Your skit will be graded on -
3) Participation

Grading Scale
Fluency Skit flowed nicely- 0-1 stops, Skit stopped 2-3 times to regroup, still flows Skit has to stop 4-5 times, doesn't flow Skit stops more then 5 times and doesn't make sense
Accuracy Accurate use of facts, and slave life 1-2 facts not used correctly, slaves life potrayed correctly 3-4 facts not used correctly, slave life not portrayed correctly Facts not used correctly, slave life not  portrayed correctly
Participation Everoyone participated, in skit. 1 person didn't participate 2 people didn't participate 3 or more people didn't participate


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