Slavery Today

    Believe it or not, slavery still exists in many parts of the world today, even though it is outlawed in every country.  Slavery exists mostly in underdeveloped countries, such as those in Africa. These countries are run by corrupt governments who do not acknowledge the existence of slavery in their land, so they do nothing about it.  Of course most of them probably know that slavery exists in their country, but they ignore it, because for them, it's just a big boost to their economy.

    Slaves in those countries get paid very little, if at all, and for a great number of them their only payment is in food and shelter.  There are 27,000,000 people enslaved today.  If that many people were enslaved in the United States, more than one in every 12 people would be enslaved!  One of the reason that there are so many slaves is because of the vastly increased population in the last 50 years.  The population has tripled within that time, and so has the need for workers, so governments resort to slavery.  There is absolutely NO valid explanation for slavery, though, because there are many more humane ways of getting work done.

    The price of slaves since the 1800s has also declined phenomenally.  A slave would cost but $90 today, whereas a slave in the 1800s would cost $40,000 in today's money.  This decrease in price has made it possible for many countries who would not otherwise be able to afford slaves able to afford them.

    The most sickening thing about the treatment of slaves is that, because of the surplus, when slaves get sick, they are just left to starve or basically thrown away.  People in power in countries run by slavery think of slaves as objects, as garbage, that can be disposed of at will.  There is no viable excuse for these actions, intentional or not, and the government in those countries desperately needs to fix these problems.

Home Information Project
2007.  By Ben Williams, Ellie Zittergruen, and Jacob Wallraff.