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       T-Rex Skull
T-Rex                             Albertosaurus               Beiplaosaurus    

The T-Rex
          The t-rex was a large meat-eating dinosaur that lived during the late Cretaceous period, about 85-65 million years ago. This large dinosaur lived in warm semi-tropical forests with rivers and swamps.
            Tyrannosaurus rex was a fierce predator that walked on two large, strong legs. This dino had a huge head with powerful, pointed, replaceable teeth and stong jaw muscles. It had tiny arms, each with two small fingers. Its feet were birdlike with three toes on each. This dinos tail was long, narrow and stiff. It provided balance and alowed the dino to make sharp turns while running.
              The t-rex was  up to 40 feet long and a bout 15-20 feet tall. THe arms were only about 3 feet long. this dino weighed about 5-7 tons! Wow that is HEAVY! the skull on the t-rex alone was about 5 feet! When this used to roam the world, he left footprints of about 1.55 feet long although its feet were much larger. The feet were actually 3.3 feet long. this dino ram up to 15 mph.
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 The Albertosaurus
             The albertosaurus had long powerful legs and on each leg one foot was equiped with three toes ending in large claws. The two arms on the Albertosautus were no longer than a mature human arm. Scientists dont know what these little arms were used for, but they knew they werent used to pass food to the mouth for they were too small. This predator was over 8 meters in length and weighed more than 2 tons.
            This dinos bones were among the first to be found in Alberta. That is were it got its name.

The Beiplaosaurus
            The Beiplaosaurus translates as "Beipiao lizard" after a city in China near the location where it was dicovered. This dino measured 7.3 feet in length and 2.9 feet tall at the hip. They estimated the weight to be about 187 lbs. The beiplaosaurus was a toothless dino with a beak like a bird. It also had four toes. This is a very rare dinosaur and not much is known about it.

Take a look at some halarious comics we found about Barny the                                                              Dinousaur!

                           evil dinosaur
                            Dinosours were very fierce and scary.


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                                FUN FACTS!                                                                           moving t-rex

                    1. Scientists believe that dinosaurs died from a                                              meteorite or a valcanic eruption, but no one really                                      knows why!

    2. Did you know that we have found over 100 different                                    types of dinosaur bones!

                    3. Did you know that the T-Rex was considered the                                       "king of the jungle"!!


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