Important Events 2: Laws & Restrictions

Laws and Restrictions of the Revolutionary War

During the beginning of the revolution British needed money for there debt they had to pay for spending a lot of money on the French and Indian War. These are just a few acts the British Parliament put on the 13 colonies to get money.


Molasses Act: In 1733 British Parliament passed the Molasses Act. This act put a tax on Foreign Molasses/Sugar. This tax was very rarely paid.


Stamp Act: In 1765 Parliament put the stamp act on the colonies. This act stated the any legal document such as permits, commercial contracts, newspapers, Wills, Pamphlets or Playing cards had to have a special stamp witch the colonies had to pay a tax for.


Townshend Acts: In 1767 Parliament put the townshend acts on the colonies. This law stated to collect revenue from the American colonists by putting taxes in glass, lead, paint, paper, and tea.


Coercive Acts: Also called the intolerable acts. These laws were passed by Parliament in 1774 because of radical protests like the Boston Tea Party in the 13 colonies. These are the following things that were enforced because of this act:


Massachusetts Government Act- Made it unable for colonists to elect councilors and assistants in Massachusetts. Except for the meeting in March and May and meetings filling up men’s positions that may become empty all other meetings have to have permit ion of the government. Another thing was the sheriff’s employed by the governor to select any jury and to make cases unfair.


Administration of Justice Act- This act made all trials held in British courts making all trials favored toward the British.


Boston Port Act- This act made the Boston port shut down until the damage suffered on the British and the East Indian Trading Company were paid.


Quartering Acts- the British could be housed in any building that was in America. Americans had to pay for the upkeep of the soldiers.


These are most of the acts that British Parliament put on the 13 colonies. These acts angered the colonists and put them into the Revolutionary War. 

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