Important Events 1: Battles
Lexington: The first battle of the American Revolution unfolds. The shot heard around the world was shot here.

Fort Ticonderoga: Benedict Arnold, Ethan Allen, and the American soldiers successfully capture Fort Ticonderoga, the "Key to the continent."

Bunker Hill: Americans fight on Breed's hill, outside of Boston, and only retreat
because of lack of ammo. This is a victory to the British militia, but is a moral victory to the patriots.

Quebec: Americans try to capture Quebec, but fail.

Long Island: In the Battle of Long Island, British force Americans off this island.

Cross of the Delaware: Washington crosses the Delaware, with a squad to attack the Hessians. This is occurs on December 25, 1776.

Trenton: Washington commands a surprise attack on the German Hessian mercenaries at night, and wins triumphantly.

Princeton: Washington wins another victory, making the British leave Western New Jersey.

Bennington: Stark's company defeats redcoats, and self-esteem soars with patriot forces.

Brandywine: Washington is beaten by British, forcing him out of Pennsylvania.

Freeman's Farm: A squad of paitriots backed a British Attack.

Monmouth: Patriots attack, but the battle ends in a tie.

Camden: Cornwallis's team of redcoats punish the patriots.

King's Mountain: Americans delay a march to North Carolina.

Cowpens: Patriots defeat loyalists in an attack, encouraging more to recruit.

Guilford Courthouse: Cornwallis surrenders lots of North Carolina. This was one of the bloodiest battles of the revolution.

Yorktown: Washington and Cornwallis fight for weeks in the last major battle of the American Revolution, and Cornwallis surrenders. The French fleet provided a pivotal element to a patriots victory.

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