Civil Rights Movement
Civil Rights Movement

You are going to create a poster on the Civil Rights Movement. Use the instructions, links, and information on this site to create your project. Have Fun!

Webquest Instructions

You are going to create a poster on the Civil Rights Movement and some important people that were involved with it.

1) Divide your poster into four sections and title them:
Civil Rights
Martin Luther King Jr.
Emmet Till
Rosa Parks

2) For Civil Rights, put information like :
What was it?
What did it accomplish?
Where did it happen?
When did it happen?
Who was involved in it?

3)Put information on your poster about those three people including the following:
Birth date
Early life
Why they are remembered
What they did with the Civil Rights Movement
Awards and achievements
When they died
How they died

4) Use the information on this site and the links to other sites to research about these people.

5) Include a picture each person on your poster. You can draw it or get it from a website.

Links to other pages on this site:
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