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Presidents Challenge Physical Fitness



All Grade Levels












Fitness and Wellness is required of all students. The FITNESS class will meet on a rotating A-B-C Day schedule throughout the academic school year. The activity portion of the class highlights activities that have lifetime, social and leisure benefits. The activity units are structured so each grade level follows their own set of activity units.


*Please note: The WELLNESS portion of the class will meet on Wednesdays only and presents information related to students total well-being with respect to health promotion. Students do not dress out for fitness class on Wednesdays.



Mr. James Foth, Physical Fitness Instructor and Activities Directo

Office located in Dick Breitbach Gymnasium.

Ms. Rachel Francois, Personal Wellness Instructor and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Office located in Health Promotion Center.



1. There is a planned sequential program of developmentally appropriate knowledge and skill, as it relates to physical fitness and personal wellness. Includes The Presidents Challenge Physical Fitness Program.


2. Provides activities, individual and team sports & games that improve motor skills; knowledge and understanding; attitude and appreciation with regards to the many benefits of exercise.


3. Incorporates new technology, and integration of fitness and wellness with other curriculum areas.



1. Keep locker-room clean and safe. When getting dressed for Fitness class, place your

clothes in a locker or on a hook. Clothes should never be thrown or left on the locker-

room floor. Keep all money/jewelry locked-up at all times.

2. Be in line for attendance/roll call at the start of class (no wearing of jewelry or chewing

gum in Fitness class).

3. Be properly dressed out for class and ready to participate. Cannot use office phone to

call home for fitness clothes.

4. Behave in an appropriate manner, showing respect for self, others, equipment, and

location of activity. Be positive and respectful towards all students in the class,

regardless of ability.

5. Always follow directions, give your best effort.

6. Be responsible when using equipment and supplies. Only use equipment when

announced by teacher.

7. Showering after class is not required, but highly encouraged



1. NAVY BLUE or WHITE COLORED T-SHIRT must be plain (no logo/decoration) or

have Regis or Xavier logo.

2. RED or GOLD COLORED SHORTS must be plain (no logo/decoration) or have

Regis or Xavier logo. Length of short is NOT to be above mid-thigh or hang below the

knee cap. No jean cut-offs or cargo shorts. Biker/Lycra shorts may be worn under


3. TENNIS SHOES -non-marking soles required. No street shoes or boots may be worn

during Fitness class.

4. WHITE SOCKS-athletic socks must be worn for all fitness classes.

5. SWEATSHIRTS/SWEATPANTS/WARM-UPS must be plain (no logo/decoration) or

have Regis or Xavier logo.


ALL students are required to dress out in the appropriate clothing for every and all fitness classes at Regis Middle School. See the following for no dress detentions:

1st time = 0 points for that day

2nd time = 15 minute detention and minus 5 points for that day.

3rd time = 30 minute detention and ninus 5 points for that day

4th time = 45 minute detention and minus 5 points for that day.

5th time =No Credit!



1. Five (5) points for each Fitness and Wellness class (See Following):

A. Two (2) points for wearing the required dress code clothing for fitness class.

B. Three (3) points for promptness, participation, and behavior/sportsmanship.

2. Points for tests and quizzes will be added to daily grade.

3. Make-up work must have OK of instructor-excused only.


Please work with the school nurse concerning medical excuses.

Parental excuses will be evaluated and adjusted if necessary by the school nurse.


Mr. James Foth

Physical Education Instructor



Get Yourself Moving.




Presidents Challenge Fitness





Ultimate Frisbee




.and have FUN!!