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Date Assigned




We started our full process piece today. The students should have their self edit done tomorrow when they come to class. They will peer edit tomorrow in class.



Homework: Start Unit 6 in vocabulary. Pictures, highlight, and fill in blanks on pages 65-67. Due Wednesday.




Homework: Top editing papers. Moms can not edit for their children. Students will need an adult other than mom to help out. Older brothers or sisters will be acceptable assistance in this situation.


Pages 65-67 are due tomorrow as well for Vocabulary


Mrs. Hagen

6th Grade Language Arts



Fathers and older siblings:


Tuesday Night, be prepared to top edit your childs writing. Remember that Moms are not allowed to help out on this one.


Students will be coming home with an editing sheet that covers what you should be looking for.



Kids can bring art supplies for Thursday and Friday to complete the assignment for Friday.