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1.      EXTRA CREDIT—due BEFORE school on Tuesday, May 13th.  Value 25 TEST POINTS---------------Read the following two articles in May 4, 2008 Parade section of the newspaper (copies available in class):  “What Your Home Is Worth and “The Best Strategies for Right Now.”

2.      Next, write me a one page typed paper explaining what is happening in the housing market in 2008.  In the paper that you write, you need to include ten of our career vocabulary words.  You need to highlight the words.  (You can only highlight the word, the first time you use it to get to your ten vocabulary words.)



3.      In class we are working on our good/bad ad group project.  They will be completed during class.  They are due on Thursday.

4.      The only written homework this week is the BUSINESS CARD TEST.  This is due on Friday.  The requirements are posted below.  These need to be done on the computer.  Clip art is allowed.  They are to be standard business card size.  Email if you have any questions.

5.      Please save this past Sunday’s “PARADE” section from the paper.  We will be using these for an extra credit project next week.  Thanks!



6.      The Business Card Test was assigned today.  The following information needs to be on your card:  logo, verbal logo, your name, your group’s street name, your class period’s city, the country or state that your group has agreed to together, a telephone number.  Also, neatness, creativity and color.

7.      We also visited the book fair today.  It will be open through May 6th if you want to bring $ and make a purchase.  It is a “buy one get one free” fair.

8.      Bring magazines in for Monday!!!!!Thanks!



9.      Using the information given in class, you are now able to finish your “Slice of Life” worksheet.  It is due on Wednesday. (in color and completed!)

10.  Test review on Wednesday; test on Thursday.



11.  “A Slice of Life” worksheet—where does your time go?


****use mom and dad as a resource—this needs to be in color and is due tomorrow.

***share w/mom or dad your budget sheet—are you in debt?  If so…it’s time to trim the budget!



12.  Today in class we worked on the miscellaneous section of our monthly expenses.

13.  HW—each student received a clothing count worksheet—this is due on Friday—parents are to sign the side of this worksheet for accuracy.



14.  Service Learning Day w/LaSalle—pls. wear jeans and a Regis shirt/sweatshirt.

15.  Last day to bring in Kernals $ for Regis Night at the Ballpark on April 25th!

16.  6th graders are in 2nd place for the Red Cross Parent Recruitment—pls. think about donating and having your 6th grader earn a point in the Pint Size Hero Program!  This blood drive is sponsored by the Red Cross in Kyle Jacoby’s honor!



17.  “Hello” worksheet—2 sides due Friday—one side is done by your class period the opposite side is done by any 6th grader.  They only may sign your sheet once. 



            1.  HW 5 advantages and 5                     disadvantages to owning a home.



18.  “A Day in the Life” worksheet—fill in the blanks and 6 definitions are due for Tuesday.  Worksheets were handed out in class today.



19.  Today in class we played “The Spin Game.”

20.  We added three new vocabulary words:  leisure, lifestyle, volunteer.

21.  Street Signs are due tomorrow (name, logo, color, neat= 20 pt. group grade)

22.  City names were picked today.  They are …Mircropolis, Candyland, Fluffington, Funkytown, Mooseville and Planetunicorn.  Ask your child for info:o)




24.  HW-Journal—Prioritize the “High 5 Principles for what’s most important to you. (#1 is the most important)  Why did you pick your #1 choice as first?  (3-5 sentences)—due Tuesday



25.  I will be at the National Catholic Association Conference over the next three days.  Please ask my sub if you have any questions—thanks.

26.  Tuesday is a 50 question pretest; it counts for a completion grade only.

27.  Wednesday is our regularly scheduled Library Day—pls. bring books and lunch cards and agendas.

28.  Thursday—definitions and “The High Five Principals” notes will be given in class.




29.  Welcome to CAREERS/VOCATIONS for 4th quarter.

30.  Tonight you need to set up your three ring binders (found in the front of my classroom) into sections with tabs.  Label each section accordingly:  definitions, notes, worksheets.  This is due for Tuesday.



31.  Make sure that your note cards for your debate are completed for class on Monday.  Monday will be our debate day.  It’s the first time you’re doing it—you’ll be fine:o)  don’t worry!

32.  DRESS UP DAY IS THURSDAY FOR OUR Seder Meal—pls. bring a small pillow to school with you.



33.  Today in class we watched the video “Debate Made Easy.”  Write one paragraph (8-10 sentences) about the video due tomorrow.

****Optional—Scholastic Book Orders are due tomorrow.  Please make checks payable to Scholastic.



34.  Today was Library Day.

35.  Journal #13What is the best book you’ve ever read?  Why was it so good?  (3-5 sentences)

36.  Persuasive Speeches will be continuing Thursday and Friday of this week.  Please practice at least two times and get your grading sheet signed the two times that you practiced in front of your parents.

37.  Last Day for Late Work is Monday the 17th.  Service Hours are also due this day.



38.  This week in class we are working on Persuasive Speeches.  Students are to create a “new” product and “sell” their product to the class. 

39.  All students received their purple grading sheet last week.   The elements that we are working on this week is:  volume, eye contact, props w/ or w/o note card, introduction, closing, banishing speech fillers, proper posture and originality of product.

40.  Speech dates are Tuesday, 11th or Thursday, 13th or Friday, 14th.  The students chose what day they would do their speeches.

41.  There is some unusual grading with this speech.  Please ask your child to explain “Schowalter Bucks” to you.  If you have further questions, pls. send me an email or call 363-1968 ext. 212.



42.  HW—Finish drawing pictures.  Posters can come home on Friday night—they are due on Monday, March 3rd—value 100 points.


I will not be in class on Wed, Thurs. or Friday (family illness), but I will  be checking email.



43.  HW-Find photos and props to be put in your envelope.  You will use these materials in class on Thursday and Friday.

44.  HW-Continue to draw pictures to use in class for your poster.  Your purple worksheet will assist you.  It is also attached to my web page.



45.  HW-Collect clip art or magazine pictures to put into your envelope. 

46.  HW-Start drawing some of your pictures to use on your poster in class on Thursday.  Use your purple worksheet in class to assist you.



47.  HW—put journal #10 events in chronological order.

48.  Introduction wksht. and extra credit are due on Tuesday.



49.  Journal #10 is to be finished for homework.  This is what we worked on during class.  In your journal list 20 MAJOR life events that have happened to you. 

50.  Next…you are to list 10 things that you would like to do in YOUR future.


Have fun with this…reminder pink worksheet hw and extra credit are due on Tuesday, 26th:o)




51.  Today in class…we learned how to do proper introductions.  All students received a worksheet.  The front side is homework that is due on Tuesday.  The back side is an optional 6 point extra credit—all six need to be filled out on the back for the extra credit points to be given.  Extra Credit will not be given if the front side is not complete.  Please use common sense and safety when getting signatures.  Use your manners and bring a pencil or pen with you.



52.  We are working on the clean copy of our essay/book reports in class today and Monday.  They will be due on Tuesday, 19th.


CLEAN COPY REQUIREMENTS ARE…front side of the paper only (do not skip lines), blue or black ink, proper heading on 1st page, neat, print or cursive (all the same all the way through)

****Also, clean copy is on top, rough draft is underneath the clean copy, the Venn Diagram is at the bottom—this is attached with a staple in the upper left corner.



53.  Today in class the students finished their peer edits on their rough drafts of their essay test.

54.  HW—Students will ask a teacher (after school) or a parent to do a top edit. To do this you need a red pen, a proofreading sheet, the rough draft of the essay and your child.  Please explain to your child why you are making the changes that you are making.  Then sign in red the back of their opinion page before Friday the 15th.  Any questions—pls. send me a note.

55.  *********I am available after school on Thursday if anyone needs help.



56.  Today was day #2 for “How to…” speeches.  We have two more days plus one make up day.  We have students scheduled for the 11th and 14th.  Our make up day will be Feb. 12th.

57.  Also, because of the weather I am adjusting the dates for essay/book reports.

**Peer edits (done and signed off in purple ink) will be done in class on 2/13.

**Top edits will be done in class or at home on 2/13.  They need to be completed in red ink and signed off by 2/15.

**Clean copies will be worked on in class on Feb. 15th and Feb. 18th.

*******Book report/essays are due at the beginning of class on Tuesday, Feb. 19th.


Each stage of the book report is graded; when you add up all the stages, it will equal 100 test points.



58.  “How to…speeches” started today.  They will continue on the 8th, 11th and 14th.

59.  rough draft of essays w/self edits are due on Wed.

60.  Wed. is a library day—bring lunch card and library book.



61.  Today in class…the students brought in the rough drafts of their essay tests (the value of this draft was 30 test points).  In class the students worked on their self edits using green ink (completion of this edit was 15 test points).  They also worked with a peer partner using peer edit (their peer edit when completed is worth 15 test points).  We will complete peer edits in class on Wednesday.  The self edits are homework due on Wednesday!

62.  **********How to…Speeches are going on this week and next week.  Your child should be able to tell you if their speech is on Feb. 5th, 8th, 11th or 14th.


 We added two new elements this week—banishing speech fillers and proper posture when speaking/demonstrating.  Each student needs to practice at least two times and get signatures from their observers.  ALL students have received a blue grading sheet last week.  Please ask for this sheet BEFORE they do their speech for you—this will help them greatly.



63.  Journal 7C—tell me the steps on “How to…tie a shoe.”  We will be using this journal in class tomorrow.  Be prepared for us to test your writing!



64.  Book Report Test Time Table

**working on rough draft in class 1/30

**self edit (green ink) and peer edit (purple ink) in class on 2/4

**top edits done by teacher or parent (red ink) 2/7

**Clean copy done in class on 2/12 & 2/13—hand out given in class w/requirements

***Book reports due Friday, February 15th.


65.  In class today we talked over two new elements of speech…body language and speech fillers.

66.  No homework tonight—agendas need to be signed at least once a week during 3rd qtr.



1.      PUBLIC SPEAKING—students are working on their 1st speech.

2.      HW is to finish their note card and to practice their speech.  They do need a parent signature on their speech grading sheet.  Please have them practice in front of you before you sign their sheet.



67.  Today in class…we did a plot quiz—part I.—part II. Will be during class on Thursday.

68.  Venn diagram handed out; this will be used in class on Wednesday.

69.  Wednesday—we will watch “Get a Clue” the movie based on the novel “The Westing Game.”


****start your day in homeroom****



70.  Look over plot points for quiz on Tuesday.

71.  The Westing Game movie will take place on Wednesday.

72.  Wednesday will also be a Library Day.



73.  Open Notebook Test is on Monday—do NOT forget your notebooks. 

74.  Finish the plot points for the chapters read in class today.  Chapter 27 and 28 plot points are available from me—pls. come and pick one up.



75.  Book Mark Test is due Friday, Jan. 4th.

76.  Chapter 26—Vocabulary side (ONLY) worksheet—due Friday.

77.  In class we finished reading chap. 24, 25 and half of chap.26.

78.  In class we reviewed chap. 24/25 worksheet—should have been completed in class.

79.  parent signature in agenda




81.  Book mark test is due on Friday, Jan. 4th.

82.  Chapter 24—read in class (pd. 1 not done) and do 6 plot points.

83.  parent signature in agenda for Thurs. and Fri. of this week to be stamped.



84.  Merry Christmas to all of you.  Enjoy the holidays with your family and may God bless you and yours and keep you safe!



85.  Bookmark Project—value 50 Test Points.  Requirements…5 symbols representing you on the front, 5 symbols representing 5 of the different characters in “The Westing Game” on the back.  Please make sure that your project is neat, your name is on it and that it is in during your class period on the 4th.  All materials necessary for this project will be provided in class.  We will be working on this in class on both Wednesday, 19th and Thursday, 20th!



86.  Today in class we did a quiz on answers to some questions asked in “The Westing Game.”

87.  We did a plot check for chapters 21 & 22.

88.  We also read chapter 23 and did plot points to this chapter.

89.  Today was Santa Stamp #8.

90.  Tomorrow you need a glue stick and scissors and a parent signature in your agenda.



91.  Today in class we finished reading chapter 21; we also read chapter 22.  We finished plot points for both of the above chapters.

92.  The students had an opportunity to examine a second envelope when they played “The Westing Game.”

93.  Santa stamps will be given on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  Remember to continue filling out your agendas correctly.



94.  Today in class…we read chapters 19 and 20.  We had ten plot points for chapter 19 and five plot points for chapter 20.