War in The Sky: Procedure


1.Read all the directions before starting the table. Make a table and put the planes listed later in the procedure across the top and information fields across the side (listed later in procedure).

2. Use a web site from the resources page to find information on the following planes and fill in on your table.
    ×German Junkers JU-87 "Stuka"
    ×German Messerschmitt ME-109
    ×German Messerschmitt 262 Schwalbe
    ×American P-38 Lightning
    ×American F4U Corsair
    ×American P-51 Mustang
    ×American B-29 Superfortress
    ×British Spitfire
    ×Japanese A6M3 (Zero-Sen)

3.The information fields you will need to find on the planes listed above are top speed(in miles per hour), plane type(i.e. monoplane fighter, heavy bomber...), wing span(in feet, give span of front wings first, i.e. 32, 47ft.), weapons(machine guns, cannons, bombs...), range in miles, and number of people on the crew.

This is an example of the table and how it should be formated.Note: These are not planes you will be researching.

Name of Plane
683 Landcaster
F7F Tiger Cat
Plane Type
Heavy Bomber
Carrier-Based Fighter-Bomber
Top Speed
Wing Span (Front,Back)
101, 97ft
51, 64ft
8x7, 7mm mg; up to 6350 kg of bombs
4 20mm cannons. , 4 12,7mm mg; up to 900 kg of bombs or 1 torpedo
2530 miles
1597 miles
United Kingdom
United States

4. Write a one half page article about what you think are the top three planes of the ones you researched. You should give information about these planes and tell why you think they are the top three.